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Model text of criminal ruling (for approving death penalty)

court litigation document style 19

Supreme People's Court of the people's Republic of China

criminal ruling

(for approving death penalty)

( ××××) Zjhz No ×× No.

defendant... (indicate name, sex, date of birth, nationality, native place, occupation or work unit, position, address, etc., and where it is now)

×××× The intermediate people's court ×××× year ×× month ×× Day by day( ××××)× Xing Chu Zi di ×× Criminal judgment No ××× criminal ×× The operator should pay attention to frequently inspecting the performance of the compressor and deprive him of political rights for life (here, it is abbreviated to the case where the original judgment is upheld by the second instance after appeal or protest, or the original judgment is approved by the high court after review without appeal or protest). ×××× The higher people's court shall submit it to this court for approval according to law. The court formed a collegial panel for review according to law. After deliberation by the collegial panel, the judicial committee ×× Discussions and decisions were taken at the meeting. The case has been reviewed and concluded

the court confirms that... (write down the facts, circumstances and specific evidence of the crime confirmed by the original judgment after review)

defendant ×××…… (state the reasons for agreeing to the death penalty). According to the provisions of... (specify the legal terms on which the ruling is based), the ruling is as follows:

approved ×××× Intermediate people's court( ××××)× Xing Chu Zi di ×× With ×× Convict the defendant of a crime ××× Death penalty, a criminal sentence that deprives a person of political rights for life

this ruling shall become legally effective upon service

presiding judge ×××

judge ×××

judge ×××

××× Lift the force measuring piston × year ×× month ×× Day

this experimental machine has previously calculated β The numerical value of the work is calculated and directly engraved on the dial (seal of the Academy)

this part is no different from the original check.

clerk ×××

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