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A few days ago, Magnolia wallpaper, known as "the decoration industry looks at wallpaper, and the wallpaper industry looks at Magnolia". In order to better serve consumers, Direct stores have been opened in Beijing and Shanghai

known as "wallpaper in decoration industry, Magnolia in wallpaper industry", Magnolia wallpaper is the most perfect market channel among all wallpaper enterprises in China. It provides standardized service standards for consumers before, during and after sales, so that consumers can enjoy the meticulous care of Magnolia wallpaper

in order for families in more regions to enjoy their high-quality services faster, Magnolia wallpaper enterprises have taken the lead in starting Direct stores in first tier cities in China since 2012. Recently, in order to enhance the brand image, Magnolia wallpaper continued to be brilliant and opened a direct store in Beijing and Shanghai

the design style of Magnolia Wallpapers' Beijing and Shanghai direct stores combines fashionable elements, continues its design concept of bringing art to life, and presents a model of standard decoration for people! It is worth mentioning that Magnolia wallpaper had opened a franchise store in Yangjiang as early as 1994, 20 years ago. This was the first wallpaper store in Yangjiang at that time. Over the past two decades, with the unremitting efforts of dealers, the brand image of Magnolia Wallpapers has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Both the product quality and service level have been widely recognized and loved by local consumers

Magnolia wallpapers are all produced by environmental protection technology and water-based ink, which are truly environmental wallpapers. Therefore, it has become the first certified enterprise in the industry to obtain the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification". As one of the first enterprises to lead the new fashion trend in the home decoration market in China, Yulan has always adhered to the international environmental protection standards, and has always selected DINP plasticizer products produced by ExxonMobil company of the United States. It has been favored by countless consumers with its green, environmental friendly, natural product characteristics and high-quality services




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