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Every home has different decoration styles and different fortunes, but there are always some inconspicuous places that are easy to be ignored, and the feng shui of the corridor is also very particular, so more and more people pay attention to the decoration of the corridor and begin to care about the decoration of the corridor. What should we pay attention to when decorating and decorating the corridor? What are the common Feng Shui problems in corridor decoration

1. The corridor is too long, and the fate goes backwards

people with too many corridors or too long corridors at home will suffer economic recession in the end if their career rises at the beginning. Because the corridor is too long, Fu Yun enters the door of the home, but can't reach the bedroom, can't reach the living room, and slowly runs out in the corridor, so the corridor of a home should not be too long. If it is too long, you can arrange some potted plants or cabinets to shorten the visual length of the corridor, The luck economy of a family will not go backwards

2. The corridor leads directly to the toilet

the corridor directly faces the toilet, which is equivalent to people passing through the corridor. The place they directly reach is the toilet. This is a very bad decoration design. The toilet can be designed on both sides of the corridor or nearby, but there is a toilet at the end of the corridor, so the family is easy to be isolated. In terms of business, work, economy, etc., fewer and fewer people are willing to contact them. If friends around them slowly alienate, Partners want to change jobs and see if there is something wrong with the corridor design at home

3. Uneven tiles in the corridor

many people pay attention to the hall. Because it is a place to entertain guests, the phenomenon of uneven tiles will not appear in the hall, nor in the bedroom. Only the corridor will be ignored by people. However, if the tiles in the corridor are uneven, it will lead to a family living under the same roof for a long time, full of contradictions and endless quarrels. If your home is always angry, See if the porch tiles are not smooth enough

every corner of a home has a special meaning and has a specific Feng Shui. Paying attention to every small problem can ensure the rise of Feng Shui in a home, so the decoration of the corridor can not be ignored

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now many people are more and more concerned about the quality of life and want to decorate their houses tall, especially the living room and bedroom. However, the living room and bedroom are the most important places in the house. If they are well decorated, they can help the host family recruit money and gather happiness, but if they are not well decorated, it is easy to destroy the feng shui of the whole house. So when decorating the guest bedroom, you can pay attention to the following Feng Shui problems

1. The color of the living room wallpaper should not be too heavy or too bright

most people like to stick some wallpaper they like or paint with other colors on the guest bedroom of the residence to improve the style of the residence. The color of the walls around the bedroom is not too particular, but the walls of the living room should not be filled with too bright or too deep wallpaper or paint. Because the living room is the most important place of the whole house, and it is an important place for the house to gather wealth and bring happiness. Too bright or too deep walls will not only affect the style of the whole house, but also destroy the feng shui of the house

2. Objects such as wind chimes should not be hung on the windows of the guest bedroom

some people will hang wind chimes and bells in these places in order to increase elegance and interest. They look good, and the pleasant sound can be heard when the wind blows. However, objects such as wind chimes and bells are evocative in the eyes of the ancients. If these objects are hung in the guest bedroom window, it is easy to cause bad things for the house

3. The bedroom should not be larger than the living room, and the guest bedroom style should not be too different

the living room is used to entertain guests and rest for family activities at ordinary times, so the space should be larger than the bedroom. In addition, the living room is the central part of the whole house, which is equivalent to a cornucopia. Therefore, the living room should be as large as possible to gather money and blessings. Another point is that although the living room and bedroom are two different functional attributes. However, the styles of the two places are not suitable to be too different, otherwise the coordination of the whole house will be reduced

there are many Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to in the decoration of guest bedrooms, and there are also many places that need to be paid attention to. It is not possible to decorate casually. So it's best to see clearly before decoration

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