Warm congratulations on the opening of Sanyou diat

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The activities of national agents during the National Day holiday brought infinite surprises to Sanyou headquarters. On October 9, good news came again from Baoding, Hebei. Golden autumn is supposed to be the harvest season, and the harvest of Sanyou is continuous

after months of careful preparation, the flagship store of Sanyou diatom mud in Baoding, Hebei Province was grandly opened

the area of Sanyou diatom mud Hebei Baoding store has reached more than 220 square meters. Rich texture patterns, exquisite model room display, and all-round one-stop services make Sanyou diatom mud Hebei Baoding store a highlight in the local diatom mud brand terminal store

the flagship store has living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms and other diatom mud sample rooms, and hundreds of diatom mud patterns for owners to choose

Baoding, as the centralized carrier of the capital's function relief and an important carrier of Beijing Tianjin industrial transfer, is currently undergoing rapid and orderly urban construction. Under the planning principle of low-carbon environmental protection and creating a good living environment, the space for the development of green and environmentally friendly diatom ecological walls can be said to be unprecedented

here, Xiaobian wishes Baoding flagship store, Hebei, great success in opening and a wide range of financial resources. Make joint efforts to use really good diatom mud for local owners





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