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The construction of house decoration is relatively complicated, which makes many construction teams and owners a headache. How can we not only increase the work efficiency of construction, but also avoid the concern of cutting corners? If you master the details of the three stages of construction, you can get twice the result with half the effort

I. civil engineering stage. Civil engineering mainly includes the demolition of walls, the replacement of door and window frames, the placement of bathing facilities, the erection of partitions, the reconstruction of plumbing pipelines and urinals, the chiseling of walls, the laying of concealed pipelines, the laying of floor tiles, the laying of ceramic tiles and other projects. At this stage, there are many decoration workers, and the house is the most disorderly time. The walls are drilled everywhere, the hammering sound is loud, the electric drill thunders, the noise is the largest, the impact on the neighbors is also the largest, and the outline of the whole decoration can not be seen. In order to catch up with the progress, some decoration teams are often in a hurry, whether day or night, or holidays, which is easy to cause trouble to the neighborhood. Therefore, we must pay attention to the reasonable construction time to avoid neighborhood disputes

II. Grass roots treatment stage. The basic treatment mainly includes woodwork such as doors, door and window covers, curtain boxes, heating hoods, skirting lines, furniture, wall puttying, leveling, and some basic modeling work. At this stage, the number of decoration workers is relatively reduced, and the decoration situation in the house is also slightly improved. Electric saws, electric drills and nail guns are used more, and the noise is slightly reduced compared with that in the civil engineering stage, but attention should still be paid to the problem of disturbing neighbors. At this stage, we should pay attention to the acceptance of some concealed works. Take the door as an example. Generally, density board or Blockboard is used as the base material, and red beech and other decorative panels are pasted on it. When making the base, it is necessary to accept it, otherwise, after pasting the decorative panels, it is difficult to see the appearance inside

III. detail processing stage. Detailed treatment mainly includes painting and coating, as well as other

finishing work such as door handles, switches, sockets, etc. If the wall and top surface treatment are uneven, they need to be polished and painted again, and the nitrocellulose varnish commonly used in today's home decoration needs to be brushed seven or eight times repeatedly. At this stage, the required decoration workers 2— Three people are enough. There is basically no noise. This stage is very important, because whether the decoration work is meticulous or not, and whether the decoration effect is good or bad, mainly depends on the construction project at this stage




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